The lyric booklet.

Hello loves.
It’s been a while. 
Some of you have heard new songs trickling out at gigs. 
Some of you have seen my little fellow, Matai there…
…dancing to my music, yawning to my chat.
He loves coiling cables…I’m sure he does. 

It’s been a huge couple of years for me, wandering minstrel to father, a Northland valley where I’ve parked and delved deeply into the things that stopping and paying attention might uncover
My world challenged and capacities stretched, it’s been interesting to observe the songs that’ve come out. I’ve never written so much. Some of them came easily, some of them painstakingly…as always, revealing, therapeutic and now, a record for Matai of what his Dad was going through in ‘those first couple of years’. 

I wittled the selection down to 10 tracks that I’ve recorded with my man Lee at the Surgery in Wellington.
Just last week I listened back to Mike Gibson’s masters.
“Boom”, as Matai would say.
Proud of this lot.

Throughout the process I sketched, took film photographs of inspiring places like the Matukituki valley (pictured above), the studio, the writing desk, and even asked another artist (who I’d met at a gig in Kuaotunu) to sketch her interpretation of ‘Country Dog’. I’ve fed a lot of these images through my trusty typewriter and banged the lyrics on.

I’ve handed all of that in to some funky printers in Wanaka who, as you read, are making it all into a lyric booklet 
I love the physical nature of writing on a typewriter, thick 6B pencil into matte paper, masking taped cutting and pasting. Feel the texture, SEE some of the vision, read each and every lyric I’m 100% behind, get a sense of the grit, determination, tears that have gone into making this debut album. 

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